An illuminating tan is what everyone wants for their wedding, special occasion, or even for their next day on the beach. If you're looking for that natural bronzed glow, Jody at Ageless Aloha has you covered for all of your spray tanning needs. Get your spray tan with us on Kaua'i!

Spray Tan Kauai

Spray Tan Kauai

Jody at Ageless Aloha uses South Seas Skincare Products “Tahitian Tan” solution, an all natural and non toxic spray tan solution, for her spray tan Kaua’i services.  The outcome is a beautiful but natural looking bronze glow (pictured left, above, and below) without the risk of orange tones.
Jody loves helping her clients feel beautiful for their special day, or any other special occasion, therefore she offers mobile spray tanning parties for brides and their bridal parties! She also loves spray tanning her local regulars who are trying to be mindful of how often they sit in the sun. Furthermore, Jody also has experience with clients who need a particular tan for body building and physique competitions.

About the Service

You can expect the entire service to take about 20 minutes to fulfill but requires pre and post service instructions. Upon booking please read the pre and post instructions below so you are fully prepared and receive the best service possible!
Our spray tans are done via outcall, meaning Ageless Aloha comes to you.
You won’t regret a bronze glow with Ageless Aloha for your next island vacation or special occasion on Kaua’i!

What should I know about South Seas Skincare Tanning Solution?

South Seas Tanning Products

Spray Tan Retail

Ask Jody about self tanner and other spray tan retail from South Seas!
Spray Tan on Kauai

The process

Pre Tan: Shower, shave and exfoliate before our service. Moisturize well and often between now and your service.

Preparation just before your service: use a non oily lotion to moisturize after your shower paying special attention to knees, ankles, elbows and hands. 
You can wear anything you wish or be unclothed for the spray application.

Post Tan: about 45 minutes to an hour after application, check the palms/heels of your hands and the creases in your wrists for inconsistency. I gently dab/blend the wrists and make sure I don’t have a concentration of color on the palms or heels of my hands. I do this with my fingers then wipe them with a dry paper towel or Kleenex. I also dry wipe the feet and ankles about 2 hours into development, the skin is dryer and thicker in these areas, so wiping off the active ingredient helps the tan develop a little more evenly. 

Have something loose and dark to wear after application, while the product is developing, there will be transfer of the makeup base in the product onto whatever you are wearing. There will also be transfer to your hands, if you happen to touch your legs, for instance, make sure you check and wipe the palms periodically.

You can rinse off the product in 4-5 hours, not using soap, but using your hands to make sure the product is rinsed off. The product has permeated the cells and will continue to darken for 24 hours. The process is similar to cutting an apple and it turning brown, an amino acid reaction. You can shower normally with soap after about 12 hours, and moisturize heavily, that helps with tan longevity.

Other tips: If you shave your legs frequently, the color does diminish more quickly in those areas. You can use an over the counter self tanner, Loreal, Neutrogena and Banana Boat make an effective product to supplement in areas that you shave. If I apply a lotion self tanner, for more consistency after application, I lotion my hands lightly and rub over ankles, feet and knees. Moisturizing well after bathing or swimming will help prolong your tan. For additional questions, contact Jody!


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